About Me & WOW

I have been working in corpo-world for over 10 years. I am mom of 2. Psychologist, improver, fun of compliance, mentor, blogger (www.bemam.pl) and sometimes clothes designer. My experience is a mixture of different backgrounds roles and industries. But in my heart is psychology and female development.

Exactly one year ago on 15th May I came back to work from my second maternity leave. It was again a big change for me. Being a mom changed me a lot. After my 1st and than 2nd son I realized that it was different. My time management was different. My goals had altered. I had to fit into the reality which was new to me.

The same as maternity I enjoy development, doing different things with passion and enthusiasm which have even increased since I became a mom. Maternity was a challenge for me. Coming back to work was a bit too. These all experience led me to some reflections over female career, things which are influencing or stopping it. I came back to what I always wanted to do – help other women develop and lead better life.

So one day in May last year, cycling to work on my bike I thought that I will work on the system which will help me not only to get things done, but will support me as a self-fulfilled woman, believing in her skills, achieving goals, able to give the others the best of themselves. Because I am not the only one who needs it. Other people need it too. And I always wanted to work for and with the women. And here I am. Making my dreams come true. Let’s see where this journey will lead us 🙂

Here you can find WOW Mission – http://www.wellorganizedwoman.com/about-me-2/

I am waiting for you Ladies!

Maja Falkiewicz-Gancarz


Blog www.wellorganizedwoman.com is a reflection of my own attitudes, views and opinions. I’m not writing here about my work. Coping content is forbidden.