My dear little boys (one 2, another 4) started recently going to bed at 10:00 p.m….. Since they are very “active boys”, this all means that my husband and I are falling asleep right after….

I used to write my other blog ( in the evenings. Actually, this was the only time I had for blogging, as I do have standard daily job. And now this evening time is over….

BUT, I do not give up, you know….

I had to figure sth else so I could start with this blog. I have to admit that I love sleeping. And especially as parent of lovely two I enjoy sleeping more than ever…..

But I have resigned from one hour in the morning.

Now, I wake up at 5.30 – 6.00 and I spend one hour on writing my articles and sometimes reading books. Without that there would be no WOW 😉

I open my eyes, then slowly move to the kitchen, press the kettle, make some coffee. I sit on our coach and I start my beloved morning routine. This is my time. This is sth I do not waste and use every minute of it. Later at 7:00 a.m. I wake up my boys and start family preparations for kindergarden and the work. But the time until 7 is only mine J

One hour in the morning will bring you more than hours in the evening

You do not have to be a parent of 2 to wake up early morning and do sth. You do not have to wake up at 4 to do sth value. For me just 1 hour is enough.

My friend, Magdalena Pawlowska in order to write that her amazing marketing book was waking up at 5a.m. every morning. And now this book is a bestseller.

I also knew very busy leader, working from 7a.m. till 7p.m., waking up every day at 4a.m. to run for 30 minutes and than to play a guitar.

Some famous people?

Michelle Obama – wakes up at 4.30 to do her workout (OMG – if she does that, than I think I will start that too!:-))

Richard Branson – wakes 5.45 to have an early breakfast and do some sport.

Howard Schulz – Starbucks CEO – wakes up 4.30 and go for a bike with his wife.

Benjamin Franklin – founding father of the USA, was waking up at 5a.m. in order to plan how to spend entire day efficiently.

No more examples needed I think.

When I was at the University I actually preferred to wake up and 5 or 6 a.m. in order to study for an exam, rather than destroy my night with fighting between myself and falling sleep. In the morning I always had a fresh head and I was able to study 3 times faster. So at the end I had more time for some other nicer things.

You might be an owl and prefer to work at night, but I encourage you to use your fresh mind in the morning in order to work, prepare for the day, do some sport, start or even invent something.

It is said ‘Early to bed, early to raise’ brings a kick start for the day. You have fresh mind, less destruction, possibility to work in piece and you can focus really well on what you want to do.

“A growing body of research demonstrates that early risers have advantages when it comes to their energy levels, moods, and workout habits.” (Women’s Health)

If you wake up early:

  • You will not skip the planned workout
  • You will be thinking and working better during the day
  • You will be more proactive – as you will perceive yourself as being in charge of your time
  • You will be better mentally prepared i.e. for the difficult tasks, events and meetings during the day
  • You will have the best start of the day unless you like to jump out in a rush from bed – I hate that. I need my time for book and writing with my favorite coffee so I could enter the day with full power
  • You will have peaceful time so you could focus on what is really important.
  • So you will be able to work uninterrupted hence more efficient
  • You will use the most productive part of the day
  • This is also probably the best time to review your goals

OK, ok you will say, the reasons are good


How do I start to be an early raiser?

For me at least it was a shock – to wake up earlier. Especially that I loved sleeping as long as only it was possible. But the benefits have overcame this “loss”. I do not regret. I even do not remember, even though sometimes I go to bed really late.

However, if this is more difficult for you than it was for me, try with the 1st step – for the one week wake up 15 minutes earlier. For another one choose 30 minutes. And depending on how quickly you adjust – take additional steps to reach one hour. And you are done 😉

I think that the results will come, and you will see that it was worth it. So, you will not long for the lost longer sleep 😉


Ps. Indeed you might be an OWL. So, waking up early might not be in line with you. That’s ok. DO everything what serves a purpose for you. If waking up early destroy your day than choose the routine which is better for you.