In August last year I did not know yet that I will write a chapter to a book. My colleague, coach and business trainer – Agata Limanówka, called me and invited to her project.

At first glance I thought I will not have enough time to write, but the more I thought about that the more I realized how important it is to show the world that being not-perfect is actually perfect. I did my chapter and in November I met in Zakopane the rest of the authors. We hadn’t meet before….

There is 21 of us, we did not know each other earlier. We do different things. Some of us are coaches, trainers, business owners, personal brand consultors, books authors….. We are so different in what we do, but at the same time so similar in the way we approach the difficulties in our life. We all share the thought that you can find perfection in not being perfect.

Because we are not perfect.

Society for years expected from us to be ideal, avoiding mistakes and pitfalls. This was the definition of success. And still it is for many…..

We still have this in our heads, that we do not allow ourselves to make mistakes.

We want to be perfect.

We watch the pictures on the internet and we expect from ourselves perfect body. In fact, what we compare ourselves with is photoshop, reality which does not exist.

We expect from ourselves success and perfect careers, forgetting that actually perfect career is the result of hard work. What we see is just a tip of the iceberg, all the effort, all the time spent is not visible to us.

So here we are, after our first open conference in Oxford. Ready to finalize our book and tell the world that perfection does not bring happiness. Being imperfect actually, accepting the way we are can change the world.