One of the things I had been struggling through years was task overthinking and procrastination. Before taking up the task I was thinking about all possible obstacles and contradictions…. Postponing the stressful things, not even starting the tasks I was not sure about, hating the new things I had to do, and I did not understand and I hated them because I did not understood them ;-)…. So in all that was not good and did not bring much progress…

Until I realize

There is no other option

But just to


At the moment you just start thinking about it.

Because if you will not take up the action immediately, you might never do the task you have to do!

So you have to take up the action before your brain will prohibit you from doing that. And I can assure you – your brain will do everything to protect you from uncertain, unknown, uncomfortable, stressful, dangerous…. generally, from everything what might result in potential “defeat”…

But in a contrary to that, these all what is new and uncertain and so risky, is at the same something what will bring you the biggest progress…

So instead of postponing for later, or “doing when we will feel better”, or “taking up when we will feel at our best or more comfortable with”…

We should start doing it immediately.

There is no problem with the motivation. There is bigger a problem with our brain analyzing too much and stopping us from uncertain events. When we take up the action, not losing time and energy on rethinking to take it up, when we realize how easy it is, to start doing immediately when we consider something to do, this is the moment when all the magic happens. This is the life hack which makes us UNSTOPPABLE.

Recently reading 5 second rule by Mel Robbins I smiled to myself, counting 5-4-3-2-1 and taking up immediately the action is exactly the same. This is the rule which makes impossible to your brain to stop you! This is something what helps you go further and achieve your goals. Count to 5 backwards and immediately take up the action you were avoiding…and you will see the results.

So simple, so life changing.

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