There was a time, when I felt totally powerless. I had a feeling that I am loosing the control over my work, my personal life and everything I am doing is meaningless. motivation level zero! Interest In doing something – zero! eagerness to learn – nothing like that! willingness to work – not really.

And despite that all, I really wanted to do something. Something I could start with, something what would give me the fuel to act. Like good point of the departure for something new, what will bring back my motivation and passion….

And one day, when I felt really exhausted with my life and disappointed with how I loose my time, I realized that I have to take care of my diet. Simple thing, as being In need to cure one little nail of my foot I had to stop eating sugar. And I stopped right away. Something really unusual for me. I would never do that so easily. But at that point of time this little thing was the only one I needed to get my power back. And since I could not control anything, I just thought I will control my plate.

It’s been a long time since I did stop eating sugar, sugar In chocolate, sugar In cakes (and you have to know that OMG I love them so much), rolls with yest (I love them even better), I reduced on fruits, dried fruits, white flour, diary…… There were moment I felt hungry as nothing In my fridge served the needs of the diet, but than I learnt that I can produced anything from millet or white beans, like bread, pancakes, Cookies. Can you believe that cookies made out of beans taste great? Yes, it is.

I started with my diet. I felt that I had it In my hands. Than i saw that there is no problem with that at All. Shortly after that I thought that maybe, as being a mother of little two,not having time at all, I could do simple belly exercises for 15 minutes a day. In the evening, when they are asleep already. You have to know that I did not have sport for 2 years, Or something. And I did it. I started to have 15 minutes exercises every evening, than jogging during the weekends.

I lost coupe of pounds, not actually needing that, but it Has raised my self-esteem. I thought: „All right, I am a mom, but I do have my needs too! And I have possibilities and skills to do that”.

I have many moms In my team. I love to work with them and being a mom too, I understand them so well. One of them came to me some time ago and told me the same I heard In my head last year – that she feels loosing the control over everything. So I told her. Choose one thing you can control, a small one. Be patient. Test it. And you will be astonished by the results.

One thing will bring other changes. This will give you a Power to change your life.