If I had to study my life, I would have to admit that for many years I was escaping from defeat, pain and pitfalls. I did not recognize the value this all brings to our life.

I think that escaping from mistakes and pitfalls has something to do with the way parents raise us. In East Europe, where I grow up, parents of 70’s and 80’s did everything to protect their kids from making mistakes, ensuring they will be safe, better educated and having better lives than they did.

But even if you have not been raised in Poland of 80’s, by protective parents, you still might be the one who

Strives for pleasure and escapes from failure.

Because for years we have been taught that failure is something wrong. As if success was something easy to get, without any effort…..as if you could only be successful without making mistakes.

In fact failure is the best lesson we all can take.

But we are reluctant, and we do not want to try a failure.

One of my bosses told me once that: “You have to take up always the most difficult projects. Because if you will succeed, for many this will be a great success. On a contrary, If you will fail people will say that this was not your fault as the project was so difficult and apart from that you will come out of it richer in precious experience”.

There is no success without a failure

In LSS it is said: “Every issue is an opportunity”.

But when you are perfect, there is no issues and there is nothing to improve. If you are not improving you are not getting any better. Failure is the reason to make further steps. To find the roots of the problem, to analyze it better, to build an action plan, which will not only correct the problem, but above all bring some incremental change, protecting us from having the same problem in the future.

So here is the reason why it is so valuable to make trials, to make mistakes and than to analyze and learn from them.

As there is no success without a failure. But we tend to see only the result. We adore rich and famous people, thinking at the same time that “they were lucky”, that “they were in the right circumstances at the right time”, “they were born with talent and their success was just piece of cake”.

Most open “those” successful people, before getting to the top had experienced many pitfalls.

Imagine that there was once some cartoon drawer and no one wants to hire him. That person working in a church for some Church Minister spotted a mouse once. And he draw it and than he won 22 academy awards. I am sure you know him. It was a Walt Disney.

Beginnings for Ophra Winfrey were also very hard. She was told that she is not the right one to work on television. Now she is one of the most influential women in the world.

Jack Ma Launched AliBaba when he was 36. He failed at schools, he applied jobs 30 times and got rejected. Even when he was one of 24 people applying for KFC job in his city, 23 was accepted and only he was left without a job.  Now it is said that AliBaba “outperformed even  Amazon, Microsoft and Google in public cloud revenue growth, achieving triple-digit percentage revenue growth year-on-year”.

Do not be afraid of a failure

The more things we avoid, the more things and decision we postpone, the smaller is the chance to fail and succeed. We are afraid of failures, which are the best way to perfection and enhancing our skills. Every improvement brings us one step further, every experience enriches us and open our eyes on new things. If we protect ourselves from failure, taking up risks, we actually prohibit ourselves from making success.


  • Take up a lesson, because every failure is an occasion, where we can learn new things.
  • Be optimistic and do not be afraid to try. Every single trial enriches our experience and extends skills.
  • Every failure is one step closure to a success. Every new step, brings us further.
  • Take up responsibility, learn from your failures, do not blame others for the fact you do not succeed. If you do so than you should admit that nothing depends on you. How would you feel not having an influence on your life?
  • Never! Do not give up!
  • You already have the power, possibilities and strength. Just believe you have it!

And at the end – remember –

„This wat we meet on our way, helps us to go further“

(Dyl Sowizdrzał)